Fightingsticks - der Ausstatter für Kampfkunst und Selbstverteidigung
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Life can be dangerous. Unfortunately, there is a possibility for every one of us to become a victim of violence. More and more people are interested in effective methods of self-defense, because they want to know how to make a stand against aggression. By regular training and professional instruction the odds can be improved significantly. Fightingsticks provides you with everything you need for the fighting style of your choice.

You’ll find products for stick fighting and defense against armed attacks, for example training knives for a variety of fighting styles. With DVDs and book you can deepen your knowledge individually and expand your horizon. Furthermore, we offer you miscellaneous items that can be used in case of emergency – effectively and legal. Because we want you to be on the safe side.

As always we grant a discount of 5% on shop orders with a value of goods above 150 EUR for our end customers!