Rattan Stick Leyte (very thin)

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  • RTLE-70
Our Leyte Rattan Sticks distinguish themselves with extra light weight. They can be used in... more
Product information "Rattan Stick Leyte (very thin)"

Our Leyte Rattan Sticks distinguish themselves with extra light weight. They can be used in sparring with the partner. The risk of injuries is much smaller with them.

The Leyte Rattan Sticks by Fightingsticks are made from peeled Rattan. Their surface is very smooth and even. The weight is low because of the small diameter. That allows for stick fighting training with contact. Of course, we have to be careful and responsible as well when training with Leyte Rattan Sticks. A lightweight stick is a weapon as well. In regular martial arts training you can develop a feeling for dealing with dangerous objects. Difficult situations become more predictable. Stick fighting styles like Escrima, Arnis and Kali facilitate effective ways of self-defense against an armed attacker. With these lightweight Eskrima Sticks you put some action into your training. With the flexible and finely handcrafted sticks you can practice safe sparring.

Our strong Rattan Sticks Leyte are suitable for many styles of self-defense. Their low weight allows for a broad variety of exercises - no matter wether you practice Filipno Martial Arts, Pencak Silat, Krav Maga or any other style. In contrast to the similarly looking bamboo this material is not hollow. Therefore it is stronger. Our sticks are produced on the Visayas, a group of islands in Central Philippines. We collaborate closely with our partners. These small companies are grounded in their communities. With our work we don’t only make sure that our customers in Europa get the highest possible quality. Sustainability on site and fair conditions are a main focus for Fightingsticks as well.

Total length: selectable
Diameter: 10 mm
Weight: 60 - 80 g
Surface: peeled
Manufaturer: Fightingsticks
Color: natural color
Material: rattan