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Rattan Stick Cebu Spiral Rattan Stick Cebu Spiral
Cebu Spiral Rattan Sticks by Fightingsticks are the perfect equipment for stick fighting training. They’re robust, lightweight and beautiful. Professionals regard these sticks highly because they can be wielded excellently. Our Cebu...
From €7.50 *
Rattanstöcke Fightingsticks Capiz Rattan Stick Capiz
The Rattan Sticks Capiz by Fightingsticks are peeled Eskrima Sticks for safe training of martial arts and self-defense. Their surface is smooth and absolutely harmonious. Therefore, they fit the hand comfortably and relaxed. Our Capiz...
From €7.50 *
Sparring-Stöcke für Escrima Sparring Sticks Cebu Nylon
The Sparring Sticks Cebu Nylon are used for training with a partner. You can execute all techniques in a realistic way. But the hits don’t result in injuries. Their firm padding allows for contact without high risks. Our Sparring Sticks...
From €9.89 *
Stocktasche Escrima Stick Case Basic
A black case for two Fightingsticks Rattansticks. Carry your sticks comfortably over the shoulder or on your back. The case is available in different lengths - compatible to our sticks. This Carrying Case in black can carry two Escrima...
€9.90 *
Rattan Sticks Economy Pack Rattan Sticks Economy Pack
Extra inexpensive Rattan Sticks in the Economy Pack. Robust and durable sticks for training of Eskrima, Arnis, Kali and other systems.When you’re training intensively with your students, you’re having a high consumption of material. If...
€94.90 *
Langstock Rattan Bo Long Staff Bo Spiral
The Long Staff Bo Spiral made from peeled Rattan is a lightweight and flexible staff that is perfect for swinging and spinning. Traditional martial arts training improves coordination and overall elegance of movements. The Long Staff Bo...
From €25.90 *
Mastercase für Escrima-Stöcke Mastercase
The Mastercase ist a large carrying case with enough room for up to ten Rattan sticks. The case has many additional pockets for your Filipino Martial Arts equipment. The Mastercase carrying case is available in several length versions...
€19.90 *
 Shortstick Grand Master Shortstick Grand Master
The Rattan Shortstick Grand Master is used in many styles of Filipino martial arts. It can be used for defense and attack. With the Rattan Shortstick Grand Master situations of self-defence can be simulated. If you learn to defend...
€5.90 *
Rattanstock Leyte Rattan Stick Leyte (very thin)
Our Leyte Rattan Sticks distinguish themselves with extra light weight. They can be used in sparring with the partner. The risk of injuries is much smaller with them. The Leyte Rattan Sticks by Fightingsticks are made from peeled Rattan....
From €5.85 *
Sparring-Stöcke für Escrima, Arnis und Kali Sparring Stick Manila Nylon
The Sparring Sticks Manila Nylon are made for safe training with a partner. They are popular especially because of their soft padding. Injuries can be avoided in sparring or competition. These padded sparring-sticks are available in two...
From €8.99 *
Langstock Bo aus Rattan Long Staff Bo Pure
The Long Staff Pure is a smooth and robust fighting staff made from peeled Rattan. Experienced martial artists of several styles prefer this elegant and flexible training weapon which has a clear design without any pattern. To use a long...
From €25.80 *
Stocktasche Langstock Bo Case for Long Staff Bo
The Case for Long Staff Bo 182 cm can transport one or two Fightingsticks Long Staffs on your way to training safely and comfortably. An additional pocket provides room for tools of shorter sticks. The black Case for Long Staff Bo 182 cm...
€24.90 *
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