Long Staff Bo Pure

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The Long Staff Pure is a smooth and robust fighting staff made from peeled Rattan. Experienced... more
Product information "Long Staff Bo Pure"

The Long Staff Pure is a smooth and robust fighting staff made from peeled Rattan. Experienced martial artists of several styles prefer this elegant and flexible training weapon which has a clear design without any pattern.

To use a long walking cane or tree limb for fighting is a simple idea. That’s why humans on all continents at all times knew Long Staffs as weapons. A complex and systematic fighting style was created in China. Shaolin monks brought this system of martial arts to Japan were the Long Staff was called Bo. In Chinese and Japanese schools of martial arts techniques with the Bo are combined in forms, sometimes referred to as Katas. Furthermore, there are unique traditions in Vietnam, on the Philippines and in other regions.

To train with a Long Staff improves coordination and efficiency of movement. Therefore, also scholars of other martial arts and fitness aficionados are excited by fast spinning techniques. The application of the Long Staff Bo can be learned for example in a dojo that specializes on Kung Fu, Karate or Kobudo. Also, several schools of Arnis, Escrima and Kali teach the usage of a very similar weapon: The Bangkaw is based on a spear of the indigenous population.

Weight: 450 - 650 g
Surface: peeled
Diameter: 26 - 28 mm
Total length: 182 cm
Manufaturer: Fightingsticks
Color: natural color
Material: rattan