Rattan Stick Cebu Spiral

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  • RTSP-70-S
Cebu Spiral Rattan Sticks by Fightingsticks are the perfect equipment for stick fighting... more
Product information "Rattan Stick Cebu Spiral"

Cebu Spiral Rattan Sticks by Fightingsticks are the perfect equipment for stick fighting training. They’re robust, lightweight and beautiful. Professionals regard these sticks highly because they can be wielded excellently.

Our Cebu Spiral Rattan Sticks with their characteristic burned spiral are produced in the Philippines. They’re made especially for training stick fighting styles like Escrima, Arnis or Kali. The material is unskinned, the skin provides them with extra stability. Their typical nodes are polished as well as the ends. Therefore, the Cebu Spirals lie comfortable in the hands. The cross section is perfectly round. Strictly speaking, the material is not a wood but belongs to the palm family. Unlike European woods it doesn’t splinter because it consists of long threads. That’s why training with these Escrima sticks is much safer. A Rattan stick also absorbs part of the striking energy when it hits another stick. That spare the joints in long term.

Cebu Spiral Rattan Sticks by Fightingsticks allow for professional and safe training of martial arts and self-defense. These high-class Eskrima sticks combine durability with flexibility. They can endure the stresses of intensive martial arts training. Therefore, professionals of the Filipino Martial Arts like Escrima, Arnis and Kali favor them. In other areas they’ve come out on top as well. Our sticks are used in Indonesian Pencak Silat as well as in Chinese Wing Chun. Close Combat systems like Krav Maga count on Cebu Spirals when training self-defense against attacks with sticks. The Cebu Spiral sticks are produced in the Philippines by small businesses with whom we cooperate closely and directly. That way we ensure sustainable and fair methods of production.

Weight: selectable
Diameter: 22 - 24 mm
Surface: , unpeeled
Total length: selectable
Manufaturer: Fightingsticks
Color: natural color
Material: rattan