Rattan Stick Capiz

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The Rattan Sticks Capiz by Fightingsticks are peeled Eskrima Sticks for safe training of martial... more
Product information "Rattan Stick Capiz"

The Rattan Sticks Capiz by Fightingsticks are peeled Eskrima Sticks for safe training of martial arts and self-defense. Their surface is smooth and absolutely harmonious. Therefore, they fit the hand comfortably and relaxed.

Our Capiz sticks have a polished and artfully smoothed surface. They are lightweight and flexible. That’s why you can execute strikes and twirls with these fighting sticks. With a regular training in stick fighting you can achieve an impressive speed. These Escrima Sticks reduce stress for your joints. They can absorb a part of the energy of the impact when two sticks collide. And also the light weight spares muscles and strings. You can practice untiringly and relaxed. Step by step the techniques come closer to perfection. The twirling becomes smoother, strikes and stabs are executed with more precision. Stick fighting is self-defense and martial arts but also fun and movement.

The Rattan Sticks Capiz are suitable for the training of Filipino styles of combat sports like Escrima, Arnis or Kali as well as Indonesian Pancak Silat and many more. Light and peeled sticks from Rattan are also used in traditional dances like Brazilian Maculelê. In contrast to bamboo, this material consists of a massive piece and isn’t hollow. Therefore, it is stronger. Our Rattan Sticks Capiz are produced on the Philippine islands of the Visayas by small workshops. We’ve been collaborating closely with these businesses for years. That’s why we can vouch for their sustainable methods of production and fair conditions.

Weight: selectable
Diameter: 22 - 24 mm
Total length: selectable
Surface: peeled
Manufaturer: Fightingsticks
Color: natural color
Material: rattan